Financial Intelligence

By Credence

Financial Intelligence is a state of mind that comes from implementational habits and practices that attract wealth and abundance into your life.

As you navigate through Financial Intelligence by Credence, you will come to know the characteristics of a competent and incompetent financial consultant; the mentality of success and failure; how to identify limiting beliefs that could be sabotaging your money earning potential, and guidelines for designing your financial life in ways that will focus and direct you towards your primary wealth creation goals. The information is provided by our Credence Consultants who break down complex financial knowledge and strategies that will help you build long-term wealth while pinpointing the strategies towards lifestyle, finance and even fitness! Let Credence guide you today.

Financial Intelligence with Jason Thian

(REP NO: TCH200099725)

Sure you work to get paid – we all do that – but not everyone wakes up one day and says “I think I’ll become a financial consultant.” Meet Jason Thian, Director, representing Great Eastern Financial Advisers, with a ChFC®/S, Bachelor of Accountancy. Also an MDRT Qualifier, Master Practitioner in NLP, it takes a special kind of person – one with a passion for helping Singaporeans reach their goals and plan for their futures.

Financial Intelligence with Lynnette Tan

(REP NO: TSL300126940)

"The finance industry has long lamented the small percentage of female Financial Consultants . Indeed, plenty of data show that only around 17% of all Financial Consultants are women."
- Youngwirth, J 2018,

But has the time finally come for the rise of the female Financial Consultant? Let’s find out from Lynnette, Executive Senior Manager, representing Great Eastern Financial Advisers, ChFC®/S, MDRT Qualifier (2015-2018).

Financial Intelligence with Lee Fang Long

(REP NO: LFL300298902)

Having your clients and prospects in your address book or on your friends list is just the start. For your clients, it’s important that they hear from you regularly. They also want to know that you care about what’s going on in their lives.

“Building a trusting relationship with a financial professional is important, because you'll be sharing information about your assets and income, and you'll want to feel confident when acting on any advice you receive," says Lee Fang Long, Senior Financial Consultant, representing Great Eastern Financial Advisers. Well-equipped with a Bachelor of Banking & Finance, and Member of MDRT.

Financial Intelligence with Vincent Oo

(REP NO: OBC300304504)

Meet a Top Executive Producer in GE (1st in 2016), Top New Producer in GE (3rd in 2016), MDRT Qualifier (2017, 2018), IDA Qualifier (2017,2018). How do you succeed in your goals as a financial consultant?
Let’s find out from Vincent Oo, Senior Manager, representing Great Eastern Financial Advisers