Our Core Values

To Trust & Believe


Each person is unique and aspires towards their own personal vision of life. At Credence, we accept each person for who they are and respect their aspirations while showing them the possibility of a life, worthy of them.


Success is a race without a finishing line. As a group, we strive to grow from strength to strength. Regardless of anyone's starting point. As long as we progress, reaching new peaks is always a possibility.


The defining, the measurement and the achievements of goals is at the heart of the agency. Credence provides our team and clients the best chance of successfully reaching their goals, personally, professionally, and financially.


Trust is built by aligning words with deeds, overtime and against odds. Credibility is our namesake and the standard our advisors uphold.


As an agency providing financial advisory, we offer accountability, training, and guidance to our team as well as security and assurance to our clients. Credence seeks to cover our stakeholders so that they can grow and thrive with us, whoever they may be.


Organisations and people are defined by what they do consistently. Success is no exception. By habit formation, culture and discipline, our agency ensures success by living by them.

Our Vision

At Credence, we offer the best chance of success through our culture and experience-sharing system.

We transform the lives of individuals who have the desire to do so by unlocking their potential. If you have the desire to achieve, your life can be transformed at Credence.

Our Mission

To be Singapore’s definitive Financial Advisory Organisation for industry leaders and high performers

What we can help you achieve

Personal or corporate branding | SEO optimization | Web & UI Design | Standing out in the crowd